How to Pack Your Stemware

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Packing Tips: Stemware


Step 1: Set up workstation and fill the bottom of a dish pack with excess paper for cushion.  Only use weight rated dish pack cartons.

Step 2: Before wrapping, stuff stemware with crumpled tissue paper or packing paper.

Step 3: Place stemware about 6" from the corner of the packing paper and begin to roll paper around glass.

Step 4: Continue to roll packing paper around glass to the far corner of paper.

Step 5: Fold in extra paper from both ends of the glass to the middle.

Step 6: Securely tape ends of paper around entire bundled glass.

Step 7: Place into box, top down, near the middle of the bos and fill top of box with extra crumpled paper.

Step 8: Always remember to pack your carton from the bottom to the top, high and tight.




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