Moving Guide: Should You Sell, Donate, or Toss Your Items?

Moving Guide Should You Sell Donate Or Toss Your Items

Is your family preparing to move to a new home? Before you begin to pack away your antiques and collectibles or power down your electronics, take advantage of your move and spend a few days assessing your possessions and finding opportunities to downsize.

As you go through your home, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed with the volume of materials you need to sort and organize. To ease the stress of the project and create attainable goals, set aside boxes and label them either: Sell, Donate, or Throw Away. The next step in your moving process is to go room-by-room in your home, organizing and sorting each room before moving to the next.

Once you have organized your items, it’s time to organize a moving sale, donate the goods you’re ready to give away, or toss them in the trash! Are you having trouble deciding what you should keep or give away? Follow these guidelines to streamline your moving process.  

Sell , Donate , Or Toss-


After your home is sorted and you’re ready to move, you can call an Atlas Account Representative to pack the items left in your house for you. Having Ace’s packing services makes the moving process flow even smoother. Our goal is to take the stress out of moving and serve you as you begin the exciting process of transitioning to a new home. Contact us today, and let’s get moving. 



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