The How-To's of Moving with Kids


Ace Atlas - Moving With Kids

Moving can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but with every move comes its fair share of stresses. When you add a young family to the moving equation, especially for first time home-movers, it can often feel overwhelming. As professional movers, we have helped families make this important transition countless times. Along the way, we have picked up a few tips and tricks to keep your move running smoothly, keep the kids entertained, and keep your family organized.  


Planning Your Move

  • Moving at any age can often feel traumatic, but this is especially true for young children. If you have young children, one month’s notice is a good amount of time to let them process their upcoming move, but not enough time to ruminate on this information.  
  • Reach out to your children’s new school districts and planned activities before you leave so that your kids will be able to return to “normal” life as soon as possible after you arrive at your new home.
  • Manage pre-move anxiety and allow your kids to know exactly where their possessions are going when you pack them away, as well as letting them know that their toys and items will be safe. Young children can be especially distraught if they deal with toy anxiety. 
  • Use moving as a great excuse to purge kid-related items. While you may have sentimental attachment to old items, you will thank yourself later if you avoid paying a moving company to pack away items that will only collect in the garage. 
  • Take advantage of the educational opportunity to show your kids where you are going on a map and the different places you will stop at along the way. There are many phone apps [RM1] that help in this process and can make learning fun! 


The Moving Process


  • Hire a sitter to watch your kids for a few hours during the moving process. While it can be fun and exciting to watch the movers load up your house into their vehicle, this process may demand your complete attention and you don’t want to be frustrated with your little ones while you focus. 
  • If you are flying to your new home and are not taking your car seats onto the plane with you, make sure you still have easy access. Even if you don’t think you’ll need them right away, the car seats will always be one of the first things you will need after you arrive at your new destination.
  • Make sure you have lots of snacks and dollar-aisle toys ready for your kids to make the trip to your new home exciting! 


Creating A New Home (2)


  • Let your kiddos help unpack. This will make them feel important, as well as help them adjust to their new rooms more quickly. 
  • Let the kids sleep in your room the first night and have a giant “campout.” A new house can be a scary experience for young children. 
  • Allow your kids to grieve the loss of their old home. It is important for children to feel safe expressing their emotions, as it can often take several months to adjust to a new home or town.  By letting your kids to Skype their old friends and family members often, they can still feel connected to their old home as they learn to adjust in their new situation.


Moving is an exciting time of life filled with new friends, adventures, and activities. With almost 90 years of experience in Oklahoma, we want to help make your move the easiest move you’ll ever have. From moving long-distance or just across town, contact us today and let’s get moving. 




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