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Moving is hard. You want a trustworthy moving company with the expertise to move your family efficiently, no matter the distance.

At ACE, we want to take as much stress away from you as possible. We’ll help pack and plan while you get ready for your new adventure.

We have miles of experience—more than seven million to be exact. In more than three decades, we’ve moved thousands of families and offices across Oklahoma, the U.S., and even the world. It’s our goal and passion to bring people to new places.

We’ve reached more than seven million miles, but we won’t stop there. We’ll keep taking you where you need to go.

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ACE by the Numbers Infographic

Moving History: Moving Documents to the OKC Memorial Museum

Moving History Moving Documents To The OKC Memorial Museum -min

Photo by Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman

While most people associate professional movers with residential moves, at ACE, it’s only one part of what we do. Our moving projects lead our customers across the globe. We love helping others get to where they’re going – but it’s what we can do in our own community that fuels our passion.


On March 8, ACE Moving and Storage helped transfer important pieces of Oklahoma history to a secure space. Documents from the state trial of Terry Nichols, a co- conspirator in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, moved from an Oklahoma County warehouse to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

A jury found Nichols guilty of aiding domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh, who detonated a bomb outside an Oklahoma City federal building on April 19, 1995. 168 people died from the explosion.

“These files will be maintained for historical purposes, for educational purposes and, maybe, to use to prevent a future act,” says Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater. Prater is a part of the decision to bring the documents to the museum.

The bombing is a tragic chapter in Oklahoma history. The Memorial Museum is a place that lets the Oklahoma community remember and honor the lives of those lost during the bombing.

ACE Atlas Movers move documents to the OKC Memorial
Photo by Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman


Our movers delivered 32 metal filing cabinets. The cabinets hold thousands of documents and evidence used in the case against Nichols during his state murder trial. Nichols’ federal trial occurred in 1997, while his state trial occurred in 2004 in McAlester, Oklahoma. Both trials resulted in life sentences for Nichols.

Those who brought Nichols to justice are glad to see the documents preserved.

“They are sacred files and this is sacred ground and they ought to be put together,” former state judge Stephan Taylor says. Taylor presided over Nichols’ state trial.

Related documents and materials from the bombing and trials are stored in a temperature controlled archive that is able to safely hold materials.

Maps, photos, and diagrams used by the prosecution team were also moved to the archive. Each document and item will be catalogued, inventoried, and incorporated into the museums.


Being able to contribute in a small way to a large cause is a humbling experience. The ACE family values the trust placed on our movers by the community. Big moves or small, we strive to provide expertise and care to every client. Contact us for a moving quote today.

How to Move Out of State from Oklahoma

A woman travels during a move out of Oklahoma

We’re always sad to see our neighbors leave, but we know that life is full of events that move us. A new job, reassignment, or the next step of life can lead you out of Oklahoma. Moving to a new state can be stressful, but also an adventure.

Most people can’t pack up and leave as they please. You might be moving your entire home of furniture and memories. That task may seem more like a headache than an exciting journey, but with preparation, it can be as stress-free as possible.


An out of state move is trickier than an in-state move and takes more planning. Research as much as you can about your new state. Generally, it’s a good idea to be familiar with different state laws about property, licensing, and filing for residency.

Nail down exactly where you’re moving within your new state. Rent or buy a new home before arriving. Work with a local realtor who knows the area well, or use apps like Zillow and Realtor to find home listings. An out of state move is less intimidating if you have an idea of where your new home will be.

Besides finding a new home, you might need to sell your current one. Work with a local Oklahoma realtor to help you sell your home.


When doing an out of state move the right way, there’s a checklist of people, businesses, and billing accounts you need to inform.

This list includes:

  • Your current employer
  • Personal bank
  • Utility companies including energy, internet, and cable providers
  • Credit card companies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Car insurance company
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Homeowner or rental insurance company
  • Your child’s school
  • Any subscription delivery service including magazines, subscription packages, and newspapers
  • Any company or service that sends monthly bills

Set up a forwarding address through the US Post Office. This will help all other letters and notes reach you post-move.

While you don’t need to let your friends know you’re moving, it’s nice to give them the heads up! Send out change of address cards so your loved ones know where to forward Christmas cards and letters.


Transferring your residency to a new state takes a few steps, but most are simple. Providing proof that you live in the state and a few official documents will start the process.

The following must be completed in your new state to secure residency:

  • Establish an address
  • Spend time actively working and socializing
  • Register to vote
  • Prove that you have a job
  • Pay taxes and file for a tax return
  • Get a driver’s license
  • Register your car


Moving is a process but a moving company can help make it easier. Get in touch with a moving company as soon as possible, especially if you’re moving during the busy summer moving season. Set an official day to have movers come to your house, load up, and drive to your new home.

Preparing for moving day can seem like a huge chore, but you can handle it! Before packing, sort through items to see what should be kept, donated, or sold. This will make the packing process easier.

Decide if you’d like a crew to pack up your belongings or box everything yourself. Once you’ve got the particulars settled, you’ll be on your way!

Moving is hard, but we can help. No matter how far you’ll go, ACE Moving and Storage will get you there. Contact us for a moving quote today!

ACE Employee Retires After 36 Years

It’s hard saying goodbye to a dedicated employee – especially when that employee has been with the company for more than three decades.

Ace Atlas Moving and Storage celebrated the retirement of Roy Carpitcher.  Over cake and well wishes, Carpitcher’s 36-year journey with ACE was honored on January 14, 2017.

Ace CEO David Howell is the only other Ace employee with a longer company history.  Howell says he’s learned from Carpitcher’s tireless commitment to customer service.

“Roy taught me several significant life lessons along the way,” Howell says.

Carpitcher exemplified great service throughout his Ace career in so many ways, particularly by making sure customers feel supported during stressful moves, paying attention to specific needs, and overcoming challenges along the way.

Roy Carpticher celebrate his retirement at the ACE Atlas office.


Carpitcher’s journey with the company began in 1972 while he was looking for part-time work.  He was a contracted worker with Ace for nine years. In 1981, he went on the payroll full time and has served in almost every Ace role.

He’s been a packer, mover, and driver. From Oklahoma City to Tulsa to the numerous small towns across the states, he’s loved getting to know Oklahomans from every corner of the state.

“I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it,” Carpitcher says.

Carpitcher represents the desire to effectively and safely move families across the nation. Howell says Carpitcher helped shape the company’s culture.

“I admire the personal touch he invested in each of our customers he served. Roy was instrumental in shaping my vision for the Ace family of companies,” Howell says. “As we work with customers during one of the most stressful times in their lives, we try to deliver as much peace of mind and stress relief that we can. That’s our mission.”

The Ace family thanks Carpitcher for his service and wishes him the best in retirement!

Our employees want to make your move a stress free experience. Let Ace move you. Contact us today for a moving quote!

Make Your Holiday Move More Efficient

A holiday table display is lit up by candles.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…and you’re moving?! Santa makes dragging thousands of pounds of presents look easy, but we all know moving can be a lot harder than it looks. You may not have access to a magical sleigh, but don’t let that deter you from moving this holiday season.

How to Move During the Holidays

If your family is relocating to a new town or home, you may be overwhelmed with everything moving entails – plus the stress of keeping holiday cheer alive and well.

We’ve gathered the tips you need to make your move more efficient. Get on board for an organized move – with a little tinsel and holly thrown in for good measure.

Organize as Much as Possible Before Your Move

It’s not always fun, buts it necessary to prep as much as possible for moving day – no matter the season.

Sort Through Each Room to See What to Keep

Before you start pulling out the cardboard boxes and packing up the house, take a few days to prepare and organize your home. Go through each room and make a pile of items to keep, toss, or donate.

Donate Items You No Longer Need

Donating useful items like small kitchen appliances, clothing, and furniture to shelters or Goodwill is a great way to cut down on packing. Donations are especially helpful during this time of year and can be included in your year-end giving tax write-offs.

Clean Those Cupboards

You don’t need to bring all the contents of your pantry with you. Donating non-perishable food items can help stock food pantries and make your move lighter.

Label Each Room for Packing

Color coordinate your boxes by room. Choose a color for each room (red for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom, etc.) and label each outgoing box with that color before it gets moved. Whether you have friends helping you move or have hired movers doing the job for you, this will streamline the process.

Prioritize Boxes for Unpacking with Labels

More stressful than the move itself is the process of unpacking and organizing your new home. By taking just a few extra seconds to add one more label to each box you pack, you can eliminate stress later down the road. Do this by labeling each box with either an A, B, or C. “A” boxes, your top priority, should be opened as soon as you arrive. Any box labeled “B” should be opened soon, while other boxes labeled “C” are low-priority items that do not need to be opened as quickly.

Make Checklists

It’s groan-inducing, but the paperwork of moving needs to be done. Make of list of accounts and businesses you need to let know you’re moving, like your internet provider, post office, and electric company.

Tell Your Friends Your Moving

Send out change of address cards to spread good tidings and let your friends and family you’re moving.

A family gets ready to move during the holidays.

Keep Your Kids Occupied

Moving a whole family can be difficult. Try to have a plan for your kids during your move.

How to Keep Young Kids Busy

If your kids are too young to be involved in moving chores, it’s best to keep them occupied while you prep for a move. Hire a sitter or drop younger children off with family or friends while you move boxes in and out of the house. Slightly older children who don’t need extreme supervision can be kept occupied with Christmas movies, coloring, or playing outside in the backyard.

How to Involve Older Children and Teens

Preteens and teens can be involved in moving chores, especially organizing and packing their own rooms. Set out labeled boxes for them to pack their own clothes and knickknacks in and have them pack prior to moving day. Moving can be emotionally stressful for teens. If you’re moving long-distance, do your best to help your teen adjust socially and plan a few family outings with their interests in mind after the move.

A woman sits on a couch with Christmas socks on.

Take Time to De-stress and Enjoy the Season

Moving is hard work, especially during the holidays. But, don’t let this new season of life wear you out or damper your holiday cheer.

Don’t Be Afraid of Having Company

Invite your friends and family over for a get-together, even if there are boxes scattered throughout your home. Friends and family are the most important part of any holiday gathering and will help you transition through the emotional side of moving homes.

If You’re Overwhelmed, It’s Okay to Cut Back

It’s easy to feel guilty when you skip out on holiday pastimes, but moving can exhaust you. Don’t feel bad for saying no to a few party invites. Cozy up on the couch with your family and put on your favorite Christmas movie instead.

A woman drinks a latte at a holiday festival.

Moving Long-distance? Get to Know Your New Town

If you’re moving long-distance and haven’t had a chance to make new friends and are away from family, the holidays can feel lonely. Use this chance to form some new traditions.

See what local events are happening. Check out local stores for gifts, listen to public concerts, or get hot cocoa and look at Christmas lights!

Spend a day volunteering at a local food pantry or homeless shelter. By getting involved in your new community, your holiday season will be filled with meaning and connections.

Chris Sperry, the Executive Director of the HOPE Center of Edmond, has seen the positive impact of volunteering.

“I think volunteering, particularly during the holiday season, kindles a sense of happiness.,” he says. “Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose and really helps you feel connected to the community. There have been scientific studies that show that people who volunteer are happier than those who don’t, but I think that anyone who volunteers can tell you that they get as much out of it as they put into it. There is a special feeling that comes with knowing you’ve made a difference in the world.”.

If you are moving to the Oklahoma City area, considering volunteering at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. “One in six Oklahomans has inconsistent access to food,” Executive Director Rodney Bivens says. “A great way for the community to help fight hunger this holiday season is by donating or volunteering. Thanks to our Holiday Match, every $1 donated will provide 10 meals for Oklahomans struggling with hunger.”

Use the Holiday Cheer to Warm Your Home

Play your favorite holiday tunes as you organize your new home, watch your favorite holiday films in the evenings as you unwind, bake cookies, and enjoy the familiarity of your favorite holidays combined with your new adventures.

If moving during this holiday season has you overwhelmed, we would love to help you out. From our packing services to our moving team, we want to make your moving experience as easy as possible. We have locations in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but our services stretch across the nation and the world. If you’d like to make your holiday move more efficient, contact us for a moving quote!

ACE Driver Named Best of Best

At Ace Moving & Storage, we take pride in the exceptional customer service and quality work we provide in all aspects of our moving service. When an individual from our team is nationally recognized for their dedication to those values, we are overwhelmingly proud.

Jason Clark of Ace’s Tulsa location was named Best of the Best Professional Van Operator of Atlas Van Lines’ 2016 BRAVO Week. Clark was selected as the top driver of all national Atlas agent moving lines for his superb commitment to customer service and safety. His level of professionalism has placed him as the nation’s best.

Clark is honored by the distinction but feels it’s just part of his job. He says the recognition speaks of ACE’s excellence as a whole.

“It’s nice to be recognized by your peers for the job you do … It’s great to let people know we’re committed to what we’re doing and the level of our quality is nationally recognized,” Clark says.

The entire Ace Moving & Storage family is proud of the precedent set by Clark.

ACE Atlas BRAVO Best Of Best Driver Jason Clark Tulsa -min

Clark was named Atlas’s Best of the Best Professional Van Operator.

“Jason is an overall reflection of our agency family,” ACE Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jeff Howell says.  “We have some of the best drivers in the industry. Our drivers know how to make a cross country move as stress free as possible. Our customers love our drivers and are quick to praise and appreciate how well they have served them.”

BRAVO Week is the annual recognition event to celebrate the moving van operators from across Atlas and its agent moving lines. BRAVO, which stands for Boosting Recognition of Atlas Van Operators, gives the company an opportunity to recognize the hard work of its drivers.

The company-wide event involves activities that acknowledge the dedication to safety and customer satisfaction drivers demonstrate through their work. A major event of the celebration is the annual voting contest to determine the Best of the Best van operator.

Drivers from Atlas and agent lines are selected and nominated by Atlas’s corporate office based on qualifying criteria. To be eligible for Best of the Best, drivers must have low rate of claims, excellent driving safety, and overall great customer satisfaction. Clark met each of these standards to a high extent.

Nominated drivers are then voted for on the BRAVO Week website. Clark received the highest amount of votes nationwide – more than 1,400. Along with the Best of the Best title, he received a $500 gift certificate and will travel to the national Atlas convention hosted in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Ace is a proud interstate agent of Atlas. By partnering with the national line, we’re able to easily move are customers across the country and world through the global network.

Dedication to customers is ingrained in Ace’s company culture.  We help people make big moves in their lives and take the responsibility seriously. It’s a privilege to ease the stress of our customers as they transition to a new home. Getting them and their belongings to a destination safely is the biggest part of our work.

Howell is pleased that Jason’s recognition can highlight the hard work constantly demonstrated by Ace’s drivers and moving crews.

“It is important that our employees receive recognition when they are successful.  Everyone deserves an opportunity to be recognized when they achieve something that reflects not only who they are as an individual but also reflects who we are as a company,” Howell says.

We take our part in your moving adventure seriously. If you’re planning to make a move, let’s us help get you there safely with great service. Contact ACE today!


Announce Your Move With ACE Change of Address Cards

Moving is an opportunity to be an explorer, even if the brave new world is a new neighborhood or the next town over. A move means a new space, new friends, and a fresh start.

Our downloadable, Oklahoma-centric change of address cards make it easy to announce to friends and family that you’ll be making a big move. Share the front card images via social media, or download the images, print them as postcards and send on through snail mail!

Make the most out of your moving adventure and contact ACE Moving and Storage to find out how we can ease the stress of moving.  Let life point you toward new places — let ACE plan how to you get there.

See printing and posting tips below the cards.


Buffalo Change of Address Card

Buffalo Change of Address Card

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Change of Address Card

Scissor tail Change of address card

Oklahoma State Capitol Building Change of Address Card

Oklahoma Capitol Building change of address card

Oklahoma Sunset Change of Address Card

Oklahoma Sunset Change of Card

Back of card Design


Professional printing services (Recommended)

  • Right click and save the front and back side postcard images of your choice. Save the images to either to a flash drive or folder. Bring the images with you to a printing service. The printing staff will work with you to format and to make sure you get both the front and back images properly lined when printed.  If using an online print service, be sure to preview cards before ordering. The dimensions of the cards are 4×6 standard US postcard size. Some online printing services’ postcard templates might be slightly larger than the ACE card dimensions. This may cause the image to lose resolution and be improperly formatted.  If possible, use custom dimensions that will suit the cards’ size.
  • If using an online print service, be sure to preview cards before ordering. The dimensions of the cards are 4×6 standard US postcard size. Some online printing services’ postcard templates might be slightly larger than the ACE card dimensions. This may cause the image to lose resolution and be improperly formatted.  If possible, use custom dimensions that will suit the cards’ size.

Email or social media

  • Right click and save the image in a picture or document folder on your desk. Then upload and share the image on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or wherever else you want to announce your move.
  • To send the image via email to your friends and family, simply attach or include the front side image on an email along with a message about your move and new address.

Print at home

  • If printing the images using a home printer, we recommend downloading and printing the front side images only, as standard postcards need to be printed on 0.007 inch and 0.016 inch thick paper to be mailable. Simply print, cut, and the write your new address on the back of the card image. Mail in a standard envelope.

Feed Oklahomans and Move For Hunger With ACE

One in six Oklahomans struggle with hunger, according to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Food insecurity, the inability to procure nutritionally adequate foods, is a serious reality for many in our state. This winter, many will struggle to provide enough food for their families. Considering high rates of food waste, it’s alarming that so many are left hungry.

While it’s hard to contribute time toward every cause you’d like to during the busiest time of year, there are many ways you can provide support to those in need. One of way to combat hunger in our state is extremely doable — especially if you’re moving to a new home over the holidays.

Through ACE Moving and Storage’s participation in Move for Hunger, you can give back and feed your community easily.


Established in 2009, Move for Hunger is a year-round, non-profit program that utilizes moving as an opportunity to gather food resources for families in need.

The program aims to reduce food waste and stock food banks in communities across America. Often, when a family moves, canned goods and other non-perishables are left behind. What many don’t consider is that these forgotten cans of food are able to feed others who are in immediate need.

ACE Move For Hunger

Move for Hunger partners with several national moving networks across the states, including ACE and interstate partner Atlas Van Lines.

The moving businesses contribute by giving participating families moving boxes with a Move for Hunger sticker placed on the side. Canned goods that won’t be making the move with the family are placed into the box. Movers will then take the box with the sticker and take it the local food bank.

All of this is done at no cost — and you can do it with ACE!


An ACE client participates in Move for Hunger

When trying to organize all the necessary moving arrangements, the contents of your pantry may slip your mind. Chances are you’re not concerned with where all those cans food may be going, but we can easily help bring them to those in need.

When you arrange your moving day details, let us know if you’d like to participate. We’ll bring you what you need and take care of the rest.

Once you’re done packing the canned goods we’ll bring them to your local food bank. There’s no stress for you — only a wonderful gift to your community.


ACE President and CEO, David Howell, spoke about the company’s participation in the November/December issue of Direction Magazinethe American Moving & Storage Association’sindustry publication.

“The ACE Family of Companies across all 11 of our divisions works hard to get our employees involved or interested in their company’s involvement with charitable areas. The paybacks are just too great,” says Howell.

Opportunities to give back provide a chance for ACE employees to engage in a real way with Oklahoma communities.  Though delivering a donation is simple, it’s an impactful way to unite our customers and employees toward one cause.

“At ACE we follow the old John Maxwell axiom: We’re not only here to build a great company. We’re here to build great people,” says Howell.

We can help you arrange your move and give back to our community. Contact ACE today!

Moving Made Easy with ACE: Makin Your Move Simple

ACE Moving Made Easy

Whether you’re finding a new homerelocating your business,  or moving for a new job or military assignment, ACE Moving and Storage takes the pains of moving and breaks them down for you.

As an agent of the Atlas Agency Network, we take the time to determine your moving needs and provide options for both interstate and long-distance moves.

We’ll walk you through the how-to’s of moving prep and packing and make sure you have everything you need before relocating.  Moving can be stressful, but we provide the expertise and care to make it as easy as possible for you.

ACE is there every step of the way, providing you support and quality service.

Contact ACE today for your free moving consultation. 

Moving Made Easy with ACE Infographic

Making the Most of Your Military Move to Oklahoma

Making the Most of Your Military Move to Oklahoma

The orders are in: looks like you’re heading for the great state of Oklahoma. Getting to know a new state and home can be difficult, but military personnel and their families know moving can be a rewarding experience.

While you settle the logistics of your move (check out this guide to reducing those relocation irritations), remember that a little research before moving can help make the most out of the transition.


The Sooner State is home to several military bases. Enid and Oklahoma City each host Air Force bases within their communities, while the Army is represented in Lawton and McAlester, Oklahoma.

Check your new base’s website and reach out to friends and neighbors who have been stationed there previously or who may know of someone who currently is there. Listen to their feedback about living in Oklahoma, but do some investigations of your own.

If you know you’ll living off-base or will be spending a lot of time away from it, it’s a good idea to read up on the neighboring city and the local school districts if you have school-aged children. Take some time to research the real estate and renting options if you’re planning to live off-base (here’s a cheat sheet of the best apartment and home finders in the state).


Each base has a variety of resources for the military families stationed there. Oklahoma City’s Tinker AFB’s Tinker Living provides a great round-up of base events, activities and resources. Fort Sill in Lawton offers children’s day camps, youth sports and craft fairs, among other events.  Your new base’s website can be a great resource to find activity listings.

If you’re the spouse of the military service member in your family, research the spouse’s club on your base to see what volunteer and social activities you can participate in. If you’re a workout junkie, join on-base gym group classes. With constant social events and meetings available, there will be plenty of chances for you to connect with others in your new base community.


Each area has its own unique feeling within the community. Oklahoma City is a bustling city on the rise, full of various districts including historic Bricktown and the growing Plaza District.  Enid, home to Vance AFB, is full of Chisolm Trail history and close-knit community vibes.  Both Altus and Fort Sill are an easy distance from several wildlife and hiking parks and major concert venue Winstar Casino.  Adventure Road and the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department are rich resources for all things fun across Oklahoma.

Sports fans will have more than just the OKC Thunder to make room for in their hearts, with local teams including the FC Energy and the minor-league Oklahoma Dodgers. Outdoor enthusiasts have hiking day trips in the Turner Falls Park or at the Wichita Mountains, as well as river watersports in the Boathouse District.  The Oklahoma City Museum of Art and The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History are just two of the many Blue Star Museums offering military days across the state.

This is just a sample of activities and attractions to keep you and your family busy in Oklahoma. With so much to do and see, you’ll be immersed in Oklahoma’s state culture in no time.


Bricktown Riverwalk

Photo courtesy of the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau

Wherever your new home is, ACE can help get you there.  A trusted military and DITY mover since 1971, ACE Moving & Storage provides those who serve with quality moving experiences.

Contact us today to make your military move an easier transition for you and your family.