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A military family pack for a move to Oklahoma.

Making the Most of Your Military Move to Oklahoma

The orders are in: looks like you’re heading for the great state of Oklahoma. Getting to know a new state and home can be difficult, but military personnel and their families know moving can be a rewarding experience. While you settle the logistics of your move (check out this guide to reducing those relocation irritations), remember that […]

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A couple sits in front of their new house getting ready to move in.

5 Ways to Reduce Moving Stress

Your house has sold, the boxes are packed, and you are just days away from moving into your new home. While some moves run smoothly and are stress-free from day one, we all know it doesn’t always work this way. From last-minute moves to relocating the kids, moving uproots your normal routine and can often […]

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A father and son move boxes into their new home.

Moving Supplies in Oklahoma

When you’re preparing to move to a new home, you have a lot of things on your to-do list: notifying utility providers, sharing your new address with family and friends, notifying your insurance agent, and getting your furniture and other belongings to your new home. While you probably used any old boxes you could find […]

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The The Oklahoman office in Downtown OKC.

Case Study: Moving the Oklahoman

Is your business planning on relocating this year? Moving your office, whether it is a few rooms or a few buildings, is an enormous task for any business to consider. With a host of variables and challenges that may present themselves, it is imperative for a business to make the right choice when choosing their […]

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A mother and her son map out where they will be moving.

The How-To’s of Moving with Kids

Moving is no small feat. Throw small children into the mix and the stress doubles. How do you keep your kids occupied, entertained, and safely out of the way on moving day? Read our guide for kid-friendly moving tips. Plan Before Moving Day Planning will alleviate many of your moving pains. If you have kids, […]

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Should You Sell, Donate, Or Toss Your Items Header Image

Moving Guide: Should You Sell, Donate, Or Toss Your Items?

Are you getting ready to move to a new home? Packing can be overwhelming, but a little planning can ease your nerves. Before you begin to pack every item in sight, take advantage of your move and spend a few days finding opportunities to downsize and declutter. Declutter Before Packing As you go through your […]

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Best Apartment and Home Finders in OKC

  Are you thinking about moving and need to find a new place? Half the battle is finding a place that fits your needs in terms of location, price and size. If you need a little help (other than moving of course), we are here to provide you with the best resources to jump start […]

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ACE Atlas Guest Blog on Home Creations

The wonderful people at Home Creations allowed us to guest blog for them this month! We shared our favorite moving tips for families during the start of the school year and beyond.  Home Creations is a company that has dedicated themselves to building new homes for Oklahomans. With several communities in different cities across Oklahoma, their homes […]

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A business owner researcher moving companies who can move office buildings and businesses.

Top 7 Commerical Moving Tips

Is your business expanding or downsizing? Moving an entire office to a new address can be extremely stressful. From computers to breakroom fixings, your office crew needs to move items without interrupting productivity. Fortunately, all you need is a game plan to avoid big interruptions to your workflow. A few tips of the trade will […]

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