Make Your Holiday Move More Efficient

A cozy home is moved into during the holidays.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…and you’re moving?! If your family is making a transition into a new town or home during the holiday season, you may be overwhelmed with everything moving entails – plus the urgency of keeping the holiday cheer alive and well. We’ve gathered together everything you need to make your move more efficient; from the apps you need to download, to the best methods of organization. Get onboard for an organized and efficient move – with a little tinsel and holly thrown in for good measure.


Before you start pulling out the cardboard boxes and packing up the house, take a few days to prepare and organize your home. Go through each room and make a pile of items to keep, toss, or donate. Once the whole house is completed, be sure to immediately throw away or donate the designated items. Next, keep these three tips in mind as you organize your home.


Color coordinate your boxes by room. Choose a color for each room (red for the kitchen, blue for the master bedroom, etc.) and label each outgoing box with that color before it gets moved. Whether you have friends helping you move or have hired movers to come and do the job for you, this will streamline the entire process. Instead of corralling the movers and giving them instructions on where each box should go, they will be able to quickly determine its desired location.


More stressful than the move itself is the process of unpacking and organizing your new home. By taking just a few extra seconds to add one more label to each box you pack, you can eliminate stress later on down the road. Do this by labeling each box with either an A, B, or C; A boxes, your top priority, should be opened as soon as you arrive. Any box labeled B should be opened fairly soon, while other boxes labeled with Cs are low-priority items that do not need to be opened as quickly.


Download the Sortly App. This App is a moving checklist with QR labels, tags, notes, photos, and short-videos. This all-in-one app is the perfect companion for your move. The moving checklist prioritizes all of your moving activities on a timeline, beginning eight weeks in advance of your move. If you prefer a hard copy of your moving checklist to mark off as you go, THIS is our favorite version.

It’s no secret that moving can be an expensive task. From general moving costs to unexpected expenses, don’t let any costs keep you from enjoying your new adventure. If you’re moving during the holiday season, you might have the additional expense of gifts and holiday events to budget for, so it is important to plan ahead and be aware of any upcoming moving costs.


Get a free moving estimate. By answering just a few simple questions – where you’re moving to and from, the number of rooms you’re moving, and your approximate moving dates – a free moving quote can give you an accurate idea of how much your move will cost you if you hire a moving service. To calculate general moving costs from one city to another, a moving cost calculator can help you estimate the total costs of a local or long-distance move.


Time your move right. Movers are typically busiest at the beginning and end of each month, as this is when leases typically turn over. If you have some flexibility in your moving schedule, try to schedule your move during the middle of the month.


Purchase packing supplies from a local moving company. Compared to big-box stores, local moving companies are able to offer discounted prices on moving packages, giving you the most bang for your buck. Moving during the holidays can be a financially tough transition, so it is important to stretch your moving budget in any way possible, including the purchase of boxes and supplies.

Families often move during the holidays because of other life transitions, like career changes or family situations, which can be stressful in and of themselves. If your family is trying to juggle a move during the holiday season, prioritize family traditions to help the moving process go smoothly and add a sense of normalcy to your schedule.


Pack a high priority box filled with special holiday memorabilia and decorating items. As soon as you move into your new home, unpack this box and designate one room as the “holiday room”. By immediately setting up a familiar space filled with cozy items, it will be easier to transition through the season without feeling like your favorite holidays have gone unnoticed. In addition to this, it may be easier to pack all your family’s gifts in advance and unpack them as soon as you move into your new home. Similarly, if you’re moving shortly after your favorite holiday, set up a small space to decorate in your home before the move.


Surround yourself with people. If you’re moving locally, be sure to invite your friends and family over for a get-together, even if there are boxes scattered throughout your home. Friends and family are the most important part of any holiday gathering, and will help you transition through the emotional side of moving homes. If you’re moving long-distance and haven’t had a chance to make new friends, spend a day volunteering at your local food pantry or homeless shelter. By getting involved in your new community and giving back, your holiday season will be filled with meaning and connections, even if it is different than it has been in the past.

Chris Sperry, the Executive Director of the HOPE Center of Edmond, has seen first hand the positive impact of volunteering, “I think volunteering, particularly during the holiday season, kindles a sense of happiness. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose and really helps you feel connected to the community. There have been scientific studies that show that people who volunteer are happier than those who don’t, but I think that anyone who volunteers can tell you that they get as much – or more! – out of it than the put into it. There is a special feeling that comes with knowing you’ve made a difference in the world.” 

If you are moving to the Oklahoma City area, considering volunteering at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.“One in six Oklahomans has inconsistent access to food,” says executive direcor Rodney Bivens. “A great way for the community to help fight hunger this holiday season is by making a donation or volunteering. Thanks to our Holiday Match, every $1 donated will provide 10 meals for Oklahomans struggling with hunger.” 


Moving is hard work – especially during the holidays. But don’t let this new season of life wear you out or damper your holiday cheer. Play your favorite holiday tunes while you organize your new home, watch your favorite holiday films in the evenings as you unwind, bake cookies, and enjoy the familiarness of your favorite holidays combined with your new adventures.

If moving during this holiday season has you overwhelmed, we would love to help you out. From our packing services to our moving team, we want to make your moving experience as easy as possible. We have locations in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, but our services stretch across the nation and the world. If you’d like to make your holiday move more efficient, contact us today for more information!

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