How long before I move should I start packing?

A lot of people look forward to summer, relaxing and enjoying the free time, and possibly be planning a get away. We look forward to this time of year for a completely different reason.
This is when we get to help people move. Sometimes, the move is in the same area so the timetable can be pretty condensed. We move out-of-state companies into the city which means they will need a full team to deliver, unpack, and take away the packing materials. Either way, we have the means and the team to take care of your move and at the best rates in Oklahoma.

The minute you know you are moving, start the packing the process. If you do not, it will sneak up on you and then you will be making decisions on what to keep based on lack of time or how rushed you are to be ready. You may want to set up a schedule of what to do and where packing falls into that process. Whatever time you feel will be needed to pack, we recommend you add more time to that plan.
Do not wait to call moving companies to schedule your move. If you wait too long, then you will loose options on timing and pricing.
When you get prices, make sure there are no hidden add-ons. When the movers show up and suddenly tell you it will cost more, there’s not much you can do at that point. Don’t choose a moving company based on just price. You want a company that has experience and a good reputation to go along with their good price

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