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Break the process down into the major steps with smaller goals. 

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   We have facilities for storage if you are going overseas and options for our experienced team to pack your belongings or if you would prefer to pack your household goods yourself, then we have all types of boxes, plastic bins, and packing materials.
Your local movers in OKC, Ace Atlas Moving, have provided stress-free moves since 1927. We are committed to exceptional service, great prices, and stressless moving. Call now for the best rates, best service.

From the movers to the packing supplies to the deposits at your new place, moving can cause a strain on your budget. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving down the street or relocating across the country: you’re going to need some funds to get it done. But you can limit the cost of the move by thinking ahead and being strategic.
You may also be able to save some dough by simply changing the date of your move to the middle of the month, since the majority of people are moving at the end or beginning of it.

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Create a moving checklist

Many of our customers ask us what the steps are in a move and where should they start. Well, they’ve called us so they have the first item they can check off their list. Summer is the busiest time for a moving company so getting that set up will remove some stress...

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How do you organize your house to move?

Start with a list of actions you need to accomplish with due dates. We suggest you designate areas for items to pack, items to sell and to donate, supplies area for boxes and packing materials.Here’s a timeline to think about:√ Purge What You Don’t Need√ Prepare to...

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What are the steps in relocation

What are the steps in a relocation?For companies to grow, they need to have the best talent at the right places. That means you may be asked to relocate. Take it as a compliment! Look at it as an adventure. Ok— we know it can also be stressful which is why the movers...

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