5 Ways to Reduce Moving Stress

Your house has sold, the boxes are packed, and you are just days away from moving into your new home. While some moves run smoothly and are stress-free from day one, we all know it doesn’t always work this way. From last-minute moves to relocating the kids, moving uproots your normal routine and can often throw a wrench in your plans.

A couple sits at their new house getting ready to move in.

So how do you reduce stress when you feel like your world just got thrown in a brown box and you’re not sure where it will land? Take a deep breath, relax, and know it will all be okay. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help minimize stress during a move.


If you’re packing the house yourself, starting the first room can be one of the most overwhelming parts of the process. Start with a clean slate, literally, and deep clean your house before you even begin. Resist the urge to pack as you go, but instead, put everything in its proper place and sweep, wipe off dust, and set the stage for an organized moving process. If your house is clean before you begin packing, the entire process will feel less unorganized and more cohesive.


You’ve cleaned the house and are ready to get the ball rolling. Before you start throwing items in boxes, create an organized plan for your move. In this plan, lay out when you want to pack specific rooms, what items must be left out, and what your moving timeline is. Taking just an hour up front to organize your process will help smooth over the move, and it can be motivating to check off tasks as you go.


Perhaps one of the most-overlooked aspects of moving is the abundance of paperwork you’ll have to update and go through. Often, homeowners forget to make updates until they have settled into their new home. Make a list of everything you will need to change: billing addresses, bank statements, paperwork at your place of employment, driver’s licenses, and mail forwarding with the Post Office. Update these as soon as you can, and cross them off the list early. And don’t forget to cancel your utilities with your old address – you don’t want to get stuck paying for the new tenant’s water for a month!


Moving always interferes with your normal routine, but it doesn’t have to shake up your entire world. If you work out regularly, try to make time to go to the gym. If you always have girls’ night on Tuesdays, invite the group over to help you pack or take a small break to enjoy their company. Taking small breaks and enjoying the normal parts of your routine will help you remain focused and energized when you do step back into your house and keep packing and preparing for your move.


Moving may feel like a thankless task – but if you incentivize yourself for specific moving goals, the tasks will seem more manageable. Whether it’s a nice dinner, a pedicure, or a special purchase, give yourself a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to. If your kids are feeling the strain of moving, reward them with a day at the local amusement park or a special treat to help them know that moving can be a positive experience.

We’ve been moving the state of Oklahoma since 1927 and we believe that moving does not need to be a stressful process. If you’re dreading packing up your home or don’t want to move the boxes, contact us for a free moving quote and we’ll do the tough work for you.