ACE Employee Retires After 36 Years

It’s hard saying goodbye to a dedicated employee – especially when that employee has been with the company for more than three decades.

Ace Atlas Moving and Storage celebrated the retirement of Roy Carpitcher.  Over cake and well wishes, Carpitcher’s 36-year journey with ACE was honored on January 14, 2017.

Ace CEO David Howell is the only other Ace employee with a longer company history.  Howell says he’s learned from Carpitcher’s tireless commitment to customer service.

“Roy taught me several significant life lessons along the way,” Howell says.

Carpitcher exemplified great service throughout his Ace career in so many ways, particularly by making sure customers feel supported during stressful moves, paying attention to specific needs, and overcoming challenges along the way.

Roy Carpticher celebrate his retirement at the ACE Atlas office.


Carpitcher’s journey with the company began in 1972 while he was looking for part-time work.  He was a contracted worker with Ace for nine years. In 1981, he went on the payroll full time and has served in almost every Ace role.

He’s been a packer, mover, and driver. From Oklahoma City to Tulsa to the numerous small towns across the states, he’s loved getting to know Oklahomans from every corner of the state.

“I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it,” Carpitcher says.

Carpitcher represents the desire to effectively and safely move families across the nation. Howell says Carpitcher helped shape the company’s culture.

“I admire the personal touch he invested in each of our customers he served. Roy was instrumental in shaping my vision for the Ace family of companies,” Howell says. “As we work with customers during one of the most stressful times in their lives, we try to deliver as much peace of mind and stress relief that we can. That’s our mission.”

The Ace family thanks Carpitcher for his service and wishes him the best in retirement!

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