How do you organize your house to move?

Start with a list of actions you need to accomplish with due dates. We suggest you designate areas for items to pack, items to sell and to donate, supplies area for boxes and packing materials. 

Here’s a timeline to think about:

  • Purge What You Don’t Need
  • Prepare to Pack
  • Notify and Transfer
  • Make Arrangements
  • 2 weeks until the move Preparation
  • 1 week before moving
  • 1 day before moving
  • Moving Day!

How long before I move should I start packing?

The minute you know you are moving, start the packing the process. If you do not, it will sneak up on you and then you will be making decisions on what to keep based on lack of time or how rushed you are to be ready. You may want to set up a schedule of what to do and where packing falls into that process. Whatever time you feel will be needed to pack, we recommend you add more time to that plan.

  Do not wait to call moving companies to schedule your move. If you wait too long, then you will loose options on timing and pricing. 

  When you get prices, make sure there are no hidden add-ons. When the movers show up and suddenly tell you it will cost more, there’s not much you can do at that point. Don’t choose a moving company based on just price. You want a company that has experience and a good reputation to go along with their good price.

How do you declutter for a move?

Deciding which items you do not want to take when you move is difficult—especially if it a long distance move. We recommend you start with your attic and closets.  

  One way is to set up a criteria. If you have not used an item for a certain amount of time and it is not a keepsake, put it in the “garage sale and donation area”. If you come across items you kept on the last time you moved but have not used, then it may be time to add it to the “area”. Items you purposely put away for some possible later use, probably need to go to the “area”.

  Of course, these decisions are not easy so you may want to make an area designated as the “maybe keep items”. This will allow you to think about them and then add them to the packing area or the “garage sale and donation area”.

  If your house gets too cluttered during this process, find a place to store your items to move. Many people use the garage, a close storage facility or their moving company may haves storage capabilities.

How do I start packing to move?

Everyone that has moved more than once has developed their own system. Ask friends and neighbors that have moved cross country what worked for them and what did not. 

  First, we suggest you start by planning to move in stages. Second, decide how much time each day you can devote and if possible, set it up on your calendar. 

  Third, we have found that by setting up an area for items to be sold or donated, it makes it easier to go thru items. When this area gets full, then it’s time to sell or donate them.

  Yes, it is a process and the length of time is usually based on how much you have saved or how long it has been since your last move when had to filter out unused or unwanted household goods. If you can, set up a time each day that you will tackle this project—you do not want to move items and then get rid of them when you are unpacking.

  If you are going to sell your house, items you do not presently need but will want to move should be stored in another location. This way your house will have an open, roomier feel. Ask the moving companies about their storage facilities.

Organizing a move, the first steps.

Start with creating a list. What needs to go on the list can be overwhelming so we will start with what you need to take care of first. We recommend two months before moving create a moving binder. it should have pockets to hold your receipts, a calendar for a moving schedule, a list of personal things to pack for the trip, and any other information you need for your move.

Call us as early as you can so we can schedule the move. We can help you with the list too.

The next item may seem early but once you do it you will be glad you did. If possible, get measurements of the rooms and doorways of your new home. The movers will know which doors the large pieces of furniture will fit through. Draw up a floor plan and indicate placement of furnishings to give to the moving company. You will hav our hands full when we are on site so a plan will speed things along.