Case Study: Moving the Oklahoman

The Oklahoman - Downtown OKC

Is your business planning on relocating this year? Moving your office, whether it is a few rooms or a few buildings, is an enormous task for any business to consider. With a host of variables and challenges that may present themselves, it is imperative for a business to make the right choice when choosing their moving company. From the paperwork to the technology, our office movers provide everything you need for a successful relocation.

In 2015, we assisted Oklahoma’s oldest newspaper and publishing company, The Oklahoman Media Company, with their move to downtown Oklahoma City. Over the course of several months, we helped the company plan, execute, and troubleshoot their move to make it as easy as possible for the entire company. See how we did it for them and let us know how we can help your business relocate.


Founded in 1889, the newspaper was originally located in downtown Oklahoma City before moving to another location in 1991. After 24 years away, the business returned to its roots, along with 350 employees and their supplies. The company was moving to the long-vacant Century Center Mall, a symbol of both Oklahoma City’s prosperity in the 1970s and then a visual reminder of the turbulence of the oil bust in the following years. For over 20 years, the building sat vacant in its prime downtown location. With the renovations and arrival of The Oklahoman team, we were excited to play a small part in the revival of downtown Oklahoma City.


After getting to know the customer during office relocations, we evaluated their needs and timeline. The goal of every move is to create a well-reasoned plan to maximize efficiency with minimal disruption to your company’s operations. For The Oklahoman, this meant working with the company’s relocation coordinator to understand the requirements of every department. Once the crew leader met with the moving team, it was time to create and present a commercial-moving plan tailored to the company’s needs.

Common questions and issues we address may include in these evaluations:

  • Protective measures for floors, walls, and elevators
  • Special provisions for fragile items, electronic equipment, and other items
  • Items that need prep-work before being moved
  • Contingency plans in case of unexpected situations or unforeseen problems

For The Oklahoman, it was important that the move was as streamlined as possible, with as little down time as possible due to the timely nature of the newspaper industry.

Moving The Oklahoman


After the moving dust has settled, we want to make sure that our clients are satisfied with their experience moving with Ace Moving & Storage. We value our customers and want them to have only the best experiences with our services.

According to Publisher of The Oklahoman and President of OPUBCO Communications Group, Chris Reen, Ace Atlas was the perfect choice for the company’s downtown move. Chris explains, “When we relocated 350 employees to our new downtown location in February and March 2015, Ace was one of several vendors that helped make the move process as smooth as it could have been.”

We asked Mr. Reen several questions about The Oklahoman’s moving experience:

How did the moving process go and what was your relationship with the moving company like?

They were very helpful during the planning stage by discussing the various options available to us, they offered very reasonable pricing for our relocation, and they did a great job of executing the movement of furniture as well as everything contained in our employees’ work spaces, including both company and personal property. They handled our property with care and delivered everything according to the agreed upon schedule without any loss of property. They also responded to and fulfilled some additional last-minute requests that were not part of the original plan.

Would you recommend Ace Moving & Storage?

I would recommend Ace without any reservation for any company who is looking to move people or property from one location to another.

If your company is relocating this year, we would love to meet with you and begin creating your moving plan. Contact us today for more information.