Moving History: Moving Documents to the OKC Memorial Museum

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Photo by Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman

While most people associate professional movers with residential moves, at ACE, it’s only one part of what we do. Our moving projects lead our customers across the globe. We love helping others get to where they’re going – but it’s what we can do in our own community that fuels our passion.


On March 8, ACE Moving and Storage helped transfer important pieces of Oklahoma history to a secure space. Documents from the state trial of Terry Nichols, a co- conspirator in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, moved from an Oklahoma County warehouse to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

A jury found Nichols guilty of aiding domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh, who detonated a bomb outside an Oklahoma City federal building on April 19, 1995. 168 people died from the explosion.

“These files will be maintained for historical purposes, for educational purposes and, maybe, to use to prevent a future act,” says Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater. Prater is a part of the decision to bring the documents to the museum.

The bombing is a tragic chapter in Oklahoma history. The Memorial Museum is a place that lets the Oklahoma community remember and honor the lives of those lost during the bombing.

ACE Atlas Movers move documents to the OKC Memorial
Photo by Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman


Our movers delivered 32 metal filing cabinets. The cabinets hold thousands of documents and evidence used in the case against Nichols during his state murder trial. Nichols’ federal trial occurred in 1997, while his state trial occurred in 2004 in McAlester, Oklahoma. Both trials resulted in life sentences for Nichols.

Those who brought Nichols to justice are glad to see the documents preserved.

“They are sacred files and this is sacred ground and they ought to be put together,” former state judge Stephan Taylor says. Taylor presided over Nichols’ state trial.

Related documents and materials from the bombing and trials are stored in a temperature controlled archive that is able to safely hold materials.

Maps, photos, and diagrams used by the prosecution team were also moved to the archive. Each document and item will be catalogued, inventoried, and incorporated into the museums.


Being able to contribute in a small way to a large cause is a humbling experience. The ACE family values the trust placed on our movers by the community. Big moves or small, we strive to provide expertise and care to every client. Contact us for a moving quote today.

Top 7 Commerical Moving Tips

A business owner researcher moving companies who can move office buildings and businesses.

Is your business expanding or downsizing? Moving an entire office to a new address can be extremely stressful. From computers to breakroom fixings, your office crew needs to move items without interrupting productivity.

Fortunately, all you need is a game plan to avoid big interruptions to your workflow. A few tips of the trade will make moving more manageable, if not a breeze, for you and your employees.

Let Your Employees Know About the Move Ahead of Time

This is the first step. Your employees need time to process and plan for an office move. Ideally, a few months should be given. Under extreme circumstances, a few weeks is adequate. Be open and transparent with your employees. Some may be concerned about a change in their commute or the distance to their child’s school. The more communication and time you have before moving day will allow workers to adjust.

Start Letting Your Customers Know

If your business has a lot of customer foot traffic, it’s a good idea to start letting them know you’re relocating. Start advertising your move a least a month to a few weeks in advance. In-store signs, flyers, and announcements on social media can help spread the word.

Your customer service team should also be ready to help answer any inquiries or concerns about the move.

Create a Checklist for Relocating the Entire Business

Your employees will appreciate the organization of a checklist. As you plan for what needs to be done logistically, write down what each employee can do to ease the moving process.

Should everyone clean their desks by a certain date? What do they need to bring with them? What stays behind? These are all questions you need to think about. Once you have an idea, send a memo or print out the checklist to pass out. Try to get this out at least a week before moving.

Workers prepare their office for moving by labeling desk items.

Prepare Furniture and Electronics for Moving

If you’re moving computers, it’s important to do it in an orderly fashion. Make sure the cables are removed carefully and placed in a numbered zip locked bag that corresponds to the computer it goes with. Important information on your computer should be backed up on either a cloud server or flash drive. As a business, your number one priority should be to protect your data.

If you’ve hired a mover, they will make sure your furniture is broken down properly and transported safely to your new location. Furniture that’s going with you to the new office should be identified and counted. You don’t want to lose track or forget someone’s desk chair at the old office. Movers can help with this if you’ve hired them for packing services.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

There’s usually a little unwanted clutter in every office. Now is the time to dig deep into forgotten storage closets, cabinets, and designated “junk” desks. Donate old electronics, recycle old papers, and toss out long-forgotten lunches in the breakroom fridge.

Update Your Address, Website, and Local Listings

Your customers need to know where to find you. The moment operations start back up again at your new office, your physical and online listings need to be ready to go. Your stationery, business cards, and website need to reflect the updated address.

If your business is listed on Yelp, Google+, and other prominent local listing sites, assign someone to update your new phone number and address. It’s also important to update your social media business pages. Make sure to announce the move on all your business’s social platforms as well!

Keep Your Receipts

It’s important to keep all the receipts accumulated throughout the move. You need to keep track of all your company’s expenses to figure out what can be deducted from your taxes or used for reimbursement.

It Always Helps to Have the Right Movers

Ace Moving & Storage will make sure your transition is seamless. We’d love to help move your businesses so you can focus on what you do best.  Contact us for a quote or for more information about our corporate moving services.

Top 7 Tips for Moving Your Commercial Business Infographic