Feed Oklahomans and Move For Hunger With ACE

One in six Oklahomans struggle with hunger, according to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Food insecurity, the inability to procure nutritionally adequate foods, is a serious reality for many in our state. This winter, many will struggle to provide enough food for their families. Considering high rates of food waste, it’s alarming that so many are left hungry.

While it’s hard to contribute time toward every cause you’d like to during the busiest time of year, there are many ways you can provide support to those in need. One of way to combat hunger in our state is extremely doable — especially if you’re moving to a new home over the holidays.

Through ACE Moving and Storage’s participation in Move for Hunger, you can give back and feed your community easily.


Established in 2009, Move for Hunger is a year-round, non-profit program that utilizes moving as an opportunity to gather food resources for families in need.

The program aims to reduce food waste and stock food banks in communities across America. Often, when a family moves, canned goods and other non-perishables are left behind. What many don’t consider is that these forgotten cans of food are able to feed others who are in immediate need.

ACE Move For Hunger

Move for Hunger partners with several national moving networks across the states, including ACE and interstate partner Atlas Van Lines.

The moving businesses contribute by giving participating families moving boxes with a Move for Hunger sticker placed on the side. Canned goods that won’t be making the move with the family are placed into the box. Movers will then take the box with the sticker and take it the local food bank.

All of this is done at no cost — and you can do it with ACE!


An ACE client participates in Move for Hunger

When trying to organize all the necessary moving arrangements, the contents of your pantry may slip your mind. Chances are you’re not concerned with where all those cans food may be going, but we can easily help bring them to those in need.

When you arrange your moving day details, let us know if you’d like to participate. We’ll bring you what you need and take care of the rest.

Once you’re done packing the canned goods we’ll bring them to your local food bank. There’s no stress for you — only a wonderful gift to your community.


ACE President and CEO, David Howell, spoke about the company’s participation in the November/December issue of Direction Magazinethe American Moving & Storage Association’sindustry publication.

“The ACE Family of Companies across all 11 of our divisions works hard to get our employees involved or interested in their company’s involvement with charitable areas. The paybacks are just too great,” says Howell.

Opportunities to give back provide a chance for ACE employees to engage in a real way with Oklahoma communities.  Though delivering a donation is simple, it’s an impactful way to unite our customers and employees toward one cause.

“At ACE we follow the old John Maxwell axiom: We’re not only here to build a great company. We’re here to build great people,” says Howell.

We can help you arrange your move and give back to our community. Contact ACE today!