How do I start packing to move?

Everyone that has moved more than once has developed their own system. Ask friends and neighbors that have moved cross country what worked for them and what did not. 

  First, we suggest you start by planning to move in stages. Second, decide how much time each day you can devote and if possible, set it up on your calendar. 

  Third, we have found that by setting up an area for items to be sold or donated, it makes it easier to go thru items. When this area gets full, then it’s time to sell or donate them.

  Yes, it is a process and the length of time is usually based on how much you have saved or how long it has been since your last move when had to filter out unused or unwanted household goods. If you can, set up a time each day that you will tackle this project—you do not want to move items and then get rid of them when you are unpacking.

  If you are going to sell your house, items you do not presently need but will want to move should be stored in another location. This way your house will have an open, roomier feel. Ask the moving companies about their storage facilities.