How to Move Out of State from Oklahoma

A woman travels during a move out of Oklahoma

We’re always sad to see our neighbors leave, but we know that life is full of events that move us. A new job, reassignment, or the next step of life can lead you out of Oklahoma. Moving to a new state can be stressful, but also an adventure.

Most people can’t pack up and leave as they please. You might be moving your entire home of furniture and memories. That task may seem more like a headache than an exciting journey, but with preparation, it can be as stress-free as possible.


An out of state move is trickier than an in-state move and takes more planning. Research as much as you can about your new state. Generally, it’s a good idea to be familiar with different state laws about property, licensing, and filing for residency.

Nail down exactly where you’re moving within your new state. Rent or buy a new home before arriving. Work with a local realtor who knows the area well, or use apps like Zillow and Realtor to find home listings. An out of state move is less intimidating if you have an idea of where your new home will be.

Besides finding a new home, you might need to sell your current one. Work with a local Oklahoma realtor to help you sell your home.


When doing an out of state move the right way, there’s a checklist of people, businesses, and billing accounts you need to inform.

This list includes:

  • Your current employer
  • Personal bank
  • Utility companies including energy, internet, and cable providers
  • Credit card companies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Car insurance company
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Homeowner or rental insurance company
  • Your child’s school
  • Any subscription delivery service including magazines, subscription packages, and newspapers
  • Any company or service that sends monthly bills

Set up a forwarding address through the US Post Office. This will help all other letters and notes reach you post-move.

While you don’t need to let your friends know you’re moving, it’s nice to give them the heads up! Send out change of address cards so your loved ones know where to forward Christmas cards and letters.


Transferring your residency to a new state takes a few steps, but most are simple. Providing proof that you live in the state and a few official documents will start the process.

The following must be completed in your new state to secure residency:

  • Establish an address
  • Spend time actively working and socializing
  • Register to vote
  • Prove that you have a job
  • Pay taxes and file for a tax return
  • Get a driver’s license
  • Register your car


Moving is a process but a moving company can help make it easier. Get in touch with a moving company as soon as possible, especially if you’re moving during the busy summer moving season. Set an official day to have movers come to your house, load up, and drive to your new home.

Preparing for moving day can seem like a huge chore, but you can handle it! Before packing, sort through items to see what should be kept, donated, or sold. This will make the packing process easier.

Decide if you’d like a crew to pack up your belongings or box everything yourself. Once you’ve got the particulars settled, you’ll be on your way!

Moving is hard, but we can help. No matter how far you’ll go, ACE Moving and Storage will get you there. Contact us for a moving quote today!