Tips On Packing Small Appliances

How do you pack up items like blenders, microwaves, and Keurig’s? Our handy how-to tips will help you pack all your essential appliances.


  • Step one: Set up a workstation and fill the bottom of a dish pack with extra paper or bubble wrap for cushion. Only use weight-rated dish pack cartons.
  • Step two: Place appliances in center of packing paper and remove all food and drink from the appliance.
  • Step three: Completely cover appliance on all sides with medium-sized bubble wrap.
  • Step four: Secure bubble wrap around appliance with packing tape, ensuring all sides are covered.
  • Step five: Place appliance in center of box on top of packing paper. Fill empty box space with crumpled packing paper.
  • Step six: Always remember to pack your carton from the bottom to the top, high and tight.

How Can ACE Help You Move?

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