How To Pack Your Fragile Bowls

How to Pack Fragile Bowls and Dishes Header Image featuring illustrated bowls and plates.

There’s no point in crying over a broken bowl–especially if you can avoid it breaking in the first place. Packing is stressful but throw in delicate items like fragile bowls and other dishes, and it can feel overwhelming.

Don’t fret when it’s time to pack up your dining room and china cabinets. Our tips for packing fragile dishes will help protect your treasured dining ware.

How to Pack Bowl Infographic


How to Pack Fragile Bowls Step-by-Step

Step 1: Set up a workstation and fill the bottom of a dish pack with extra paper for cushion. Only use weight-rated dish pack cartons.

Step 2: Place bowl on top of several sheets of packing paper in the center of the top sheet.

Step 3: Gather several sheets of packing paper and pull one corner up and over the bowl so that entire bowl is covered.

Step 4: Stack a second bowl inside the first bowl (which should be covered by packing paper).

Step 5: Moving clockwise, fold the remaining corners across the second bowl.

Step 6: Continue to fold corners across middle until both bowls are wrapped on all sides.

Step 7: Turn entire bundle upside down and secure with packing tape. For non-fragile plates and bowls, you can pack five or six to a bundle.

Step 8: Always remember to pack your carton from the bottom to the top, high and tight.

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