Knowing When To Sell, Throw Away, Or Give Away During Your Move

As you are getting ready to move, you likely have numerous things on your mind. You have contracts to sign, a brand new home to paint, and a whole lot of stuff that needs to be moved. Some people hate to move simply because they have too much to take with them. The question is, though, do you really want – or need – to take everything with you? Could you stand to get rid of a few items that would make this move a bit easier? When it comes to selling, throwing things away, or giving them away, there are a few key things to consider.



A garage sale is not an easy process. You will have to move all of your belongings into organized piles in the hopes that people will want to buy your once prized possessions. You will need to hang clothing, organize books, and dust off furniture that’s been tucked away. Is it worth it? Consider these tips when deciding if you should host a garage sale and how to make it work:

  1. Do you have items that collectors actually want? If so, you can pull in buyers by advertising online and in local newspapers about your garage sale by using your local classifieds to start. If you only have random items, you might be less likely to draw in hardcore collectors.
  2. Do you have children’s items? One of the biggest draws for garage sales are mothers and fathers looking for inexpensive children’s toys and clothing. If you have kids’ furniture in good condition, selling it may be a good option and an excellent way to raise funds.
  3. Do you have a few hours to dedicate to the process? Organizing a successful garage sale may take a significant amount of time in the week before the event.

If you have a few pieces to sell that are in high demand, you may consider selling these items on websites like eBay and Craigslist. While posting your stuff to these sites takes some time on the front end, you’ll end up minimizing the amount of time you have to commit to the selling process – and will probably end up targeting more potential buyers. A good rule of thumb for online selling: be as detailed as you possibly can and always take pictures.


The next step is to look at what you own to determine if it is something that you can give away or if it is something you should throw away. If the item is something you do not want to take with you to the new home, and it is not worth selling, you should focus on giving or throwing it away.

  • If the item is old and has sentimental value, hold onto it or give it to someone who can appreciate it. Fay Wolf of Apartment Therapy came up with a unique way to give away sentimental but impractical pieces: if you know you won’t use something but don’t want to forget about it or its memories, take a picture of the item and keep the photo. Then give the piece to someone you know will take care of it (unless it’s valuable only for its sentiment).
  • Items that are stained, broken, or damaged to the point where they are no longer usable should be tossed out. You do not want to take items that are potentially riddled with dust and dander into your new home!
  • If you have not used the item (especially clothing, books, and papers) in more than a year, it is time to toss it. The fact is, it may be “good one day” but it will take up valuable space in your new home, and it does not presently provide you any real benefit. It may be time to toss it out.




During your move, if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to throw away the canned food in your pantry, DON’T! The best way to get rid of your unwanted food items is to get involved with a food bank or food drives that will accept your donations. Ace Moving & Storage participates in Move for Hunger, which is an organization that works with relocation companies to help fill the pantries of food banks across the United States. Any participating mover will pack up your food and deliver it to your local food bank. Minimize your inventory while helping families in need!

When you consider giving items away, be sure to focus on who might want them. Don’t try to saddle the kids, family members or neighbors with items they really don’t need or will just stash in a closet themselves. Instead, give unclaimed pieces to charities or recycling locations.

Most people accumulates a large amount of “stuff” throughout their lifetime. Sometimes, though, getting rid of items is a good thing. No matter if you sell items, give them away, or just toss them in the trash, one thing is clear: you’ll be starting over fresh in your new home if you do not bring it with you. And that’s truly worthwhile!