Moving Guide: Should You Sell, Donate, Or Toss Your Items?

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Are you getting ready to move to a new home? Packing can be overwhelming, but a little planning can ease your nerves. Before you begin to pack every item in sight, take advantage of your move and spend a few days finding opportunities to downsize and declutter.

Declutter Before Packing

As you go through your home, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of clothes, toys, and appliances there is to sort through. To ease the stress of the packing, create attainable goals and a game plan.

Go one room at a time. Set aside boxes and label them either: Keep, Sell, Donate, or Throw Away. Try to finish packing one room before moving onto the next one. Once you have items organized into the right category, it’s time to act! Donate gently used items or sell them through a garage sale, and throw away or recycle any unusable items appropriately.

Are you having trouble deciding what you should keep or give away? Follow these guidelines to streamline your moving process.

Moving Guide Should You Sell, Donate, Or T

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