Tulsa Change of Address Cards

Moving in Oklahoma? Our team at Ace Moving and Storage, LLC right here in Tulsa  ready to help you! A small but important item is a moving announcement. Here are a number of ideas to choose form with the beautiful lakes and rolling hills to the bustling neighborhoods of Tulsa.

Use these printable eastern Oklahoma postcards to let friends, family and businesses know you’ve moved.

You don’t want to spend time stressing about your move. You want more time making and exploring your new home. ACE can help you with that. Let our movers ease your worries and figure out the logistics for you.

Not in the Tulsa area? No worries, check out ACE’s other Okie-themed change of address cards.

Card Fronts

Card Back

Printing instructions

Professional printing services

Right-click and save the front and back postcard images of your choice. Save the images to either a flash drive or folder. Bring the images with you to a printing service. The printing staff will work with you on formatting and will make sure you get both the front and back images properly aligned when printed.

If using an online print service, be sure to preview your postcards before ordering. The dimensions of the cards are 4×6 standard US postcard size. Some online printing services’ postcard templates might be slightly larger than the ACE postcard dimensions. This may cause the image to lose resolution and be improperly formatted.  If possible, use custom dimensions that will suit the cards’ intended size.

Email or social media

Right-click and save the image in a picture or document folder on your desktop. Then, upload and share the image on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or wherever else you want to announce your move.

To send the image via email to your friends and family, simply attach or include the front side image on an email along with a message about your move and new address.


If printing the images using a home printer, we recommend downloading and printing the front side images only, as standard postcards need to be printed on 0.007-inch to 0.016-inch thick paper to be mailable. Simply print, cut, and then write your new address on the back of the card image. Mail in a standard envelope.