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How long before I move should I start packing?

The minute you know you are moving, start the packing the process. If you do not, it will sneak up on you and then you will be making decisions on what to keep based on lack of time or how rushed you are to be ready. You may want to set up a schedule of […]

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How do you declutter for a move?

Deciding which items you do not want to take when you move is difficult—especially if it a long distance move. We recommend you start with your attic and closets.     One way is to set up a criteria. If you have not used an item for a certain amount of time and it is […]

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How do I start packing to move?

Everyone that has moved more than once has developed their own system. Ask friends and neighbors that have moved cross country what worked for them and what did not.    First, we suggest you start by planning to move in stages. Second, decide how much time each day you can devote and if possible, set […]

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Should You Sell, Donate, Or Toss Your Items Header Image

Moving Guide: Should You Sell, Donate, Or Toss Your Items?

Are you getting ready to move to a new home? Packing can be overwhelming, but a little planning can ease your nerves. Before you begin to pack every item in sight, take advantage of your move and spend a few days finding opportunities to downsize and declutter. Declutter Before Packing As you go through your […]

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A father and son move boxes into their new home.

Moving Supplies in Oklahoma

When you’re preparing to move to a new home, you have a lot of things on your to-do list: notifying utility providers, sharing your new address with family and friends, notifying your insurance agent, and getting your furniture and other belongings to your new home. While you probably used any old boxes you could find […]

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A Scissortail Oklahoma change of address card

Announce Your Move With ACE Change of Address Cards

  With the sweat and stress involved in moving, it’s easy to get lost in the logistics of a move, and sometimes we forget the thrill of it all. Moving is an opportunity to be an explorer, even if the brave new world is a new neighborhood or the next town over. A move means […]

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Tulsa Change of Address Cards

Moving in Oklahoma? Our team at Ace Moving and Storage, LLC right here in Tulsa  ready to help you! A small but important item is a moving announcement. Here are a number of ideas to choose form with the beautiful lakes and rolling hills to the bustling neighborhoods of Tulsa. Use these printable eastern Oklahoma […]

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A couple make moving plans on a map with a laptop next to them on a table.

10 Ways To Make Your Life Easier During a Long-Distance Move

If you’re preparing for a cross-country move, the excitement can be overshadowed by the moving logistics. Don’t get overwhelmed by the scale of your move. With a little organization, you can move from point A to point B efficiently. Whether you’re leaving the Great Plains of Oklahoma for the golden West Coast or the bustle […]

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