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10 Must-Ask Questions You Should Ask Before You Choose an Oklahoma Moving Company

1. How long has your company been in business?

2. Is the moving company properly licensed?

3. What kind of liability coverage do they provide?

4. Do they have background checks on all of their employees?

5. Are storage facilities available?

6. Who will be providing services upon arrival at your final destination in the event of an interstate move?

7. Do you have case studies from previous moves?

8. Are there any hidden costs?

9. Do they have experience moving military?

10. What kind of vehicles do they use?


Making Your Move Simple

Whether you’re finding a new home, relocating your business, or moving for a new job or military assignment, ACE Moving and Storage takes the pains of moving and breaks them down for you.

How long before I move should I start packing?

The minute you know you are moving, start the packing the process. If you do not, it will sneak up on you and then you will be making decisions on what to keep based on lack of time or how rushed you are to be ready. You may want to set up a schedule of what to do and where packing falls into that process. Whatever time you feel will be needed to pack, we recommend you add more time to that plan.

Do not wait to call moving companies to schedule your move. If you wait too long, then you will loose options on timing and pricing.

When you get prices, make sure there are no hidden add-ons. When the movers show up and suddenly tell you it will cost more, there’s not much you can do at that point. Don’t choose a moving company based on just price. You want a company that has experience and a good reputation to go along with their good price.


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How To Pack Your Fragile Bowls

Step 1: Set up a workstation and fill the bottom of a dish pack with extra paper for cushion. Only use weight-rated dish pack cartons.

Step 2: Place bowl on top of several sheets of packing paper in the center of the top sheet.

Step 3: Gather several sheets of packing paper and pull one corner up and over the bowl so that entire bowl is covered.

Step 4: Stack a second bowl inside the first bowl (which should be covered by packing paper).

Step 5: Moving clockwise, fold the remaining corners across the second bowl.

Step 6: Continue to fold corners across middle until both bowls are wrapped on all sides.

Step 7: Turn entire bundle upside down and secure with packing tape. For non-fragile plates and bowls, you can pack five or six to a bundle.

Step 8: Always remember to pack your carton from the bottom to the top, high and tight.


How do you organize your house to move?

Start with a list of actions you need to accomplish with due dates. We suggest you designate areas for items to pack, items to sell and to donate, supplies area for boxes and packing materials.

Here’s a timeline to think about:

√ Purge What You Don’t Need

√ Prepare to Pack

√ Notify and Transfer

√ Make Arrangements

√ 2 weeks until the move Preparation

√ 1 week before moving

√ 1 day before moving

√ Moving Day!

The How-To’s of Moving with Kids

Plan Before Moving Day
Planning will alleviate many of your moving pains. If you have kids, it’s essential to strategize your time and create a game plan for moving.

Give Your Kids Time to Process The Move
Moving at any age can feel traumatic, but this is especially true for young children. If possible, give your child a least a month in advance to process the news.

Explain Packing
Kids, especially little ones, may not understand that their belongings will go with them to the new house. It’s a good idea to set aside a small box or backpack of their essential toys, clothes, and comfort items.

Give Them Info on Their New Home
Show your kids where your family is moving on a map and the different places you will stop at along the way. Let them know about fun places nearby and the types of activities they’ll be able to do there.

Contact Their New School
Reach out to your child’s new school districts and planned activities before you leave so that your kids will be able to return to “normal” life as soon as possible after you arrive at your new home.



Leakage under XXX sink at pipe connection. Repair



XXX toilet is damaged. Replace.



in attic, open junction box located at XXX. Repair.



Damaged/missing globes at XXX. Replace.