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Break the process down into the major steps with smaller goals. 
We have facilities for storage if you are going overseas and options for our experienced team to pack your belongings or if you would prefer to pack your household goods yourself, then we have all types of boxes, plastic bins, and packing materials.

Your local movers in OKC, Ace Atlas Moving, have provided stress-free moves since 1927. We are committed to exceptional service, great prices, and stressless moving. Call now for the best rates, best service.

From the movers to the packing supplies to the deposits at your new place, moving can cause a strain on your budget. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving down the street or relocating across the country: you’re going to need some funds to get it done. But you can limit the cost of the move by thinking ahead and being strategic.

You may also be able to save some dough by simply changing the date of your move to the middle of the month, since the majority of people are moving at the end or beginning of it.

Moving Tips: How To Pack Your Kitchen

Ace Atlas moving professionals share their perfected kitchen packing methods used by our expert movers. With our guidance, you can see how to pack up your cups, glasses and stemware without the headache. Similar to packing up your dishware, it’s also important to remember to use the proper packing techniques for the different items. From moving antique glass or china to an array of utensils, we have all the right tips to bundle up your kitchen safely and efficiently.

Moving Tips: How to Keep Mover Expenses Down

Worried about the overall cost of moving? Stay penny-wise during your move. Our Ace Atlas team wants to ensure you get the best value. And with our moving tips, we can help you stretch your move budget and earn some cash along the way. Yes, it’s possible! So, don’t miss these nine tips on saving money while moving.

Moving Tips: Preparing Potted Plants

Every day is moving day here at Ace Atlas. And when it comes to your in-home estimate, enjoy the high-quality services without breaking the bank. With our help, Atlas can estimate the cost of an interstate move depending on the weight, distance and services performed during the move. This video will show you what to expect during the in-home moving estimate process.

Moving Tips: How to Pack Your Electronics

As trusted and experienced movers, you can always count on Atlas to safely deliver all your electronics. From computers to flat screen televisions, our team of experts can provide you with all the right tips and supplies to ensure your possessions are safe and secure. Here are packing tips straight from the Ace Atlas professionals to guarantee safe travels for your precious technology.